the p l e a s e s e n d w o r d apothecary.

witch crafted herbalism.
self care as ritual. ritual as self care. 





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The cost of consultations is based on a sliding scale. Please choose a price that feels supportive and equitable. Your generosity creates abundance and access for other folks. 

Initial consultation is 90 minutes. Support conversations after that are
typically 1 hour. 

Please refer here for more detailed information:

After we have spoken, you can use this page for payment. 

The most radical thing we can do is recognize the power in creating a deeper relationship with ourselves and our community. During your consultation we will build a dialogue around your patterns & lifestyle, needs & concerns. I am available to formulate herbal medicine individually. 

please note that the cost of herbal medicine is separate from the cost of a consultation. 

Consultations available in person(local KCMO), via skype/facetime or phone. 

sliding scale:
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