Autonomy Consultation

I offer consultations on a sliding scale. Initial consultation is 90 minutes. Sliding scale is $40-100
- - further support you seek can be worked out after initial consultation - -

I value your autonomy. all consultation work is always confidential.


Cycle Consultation

-Birth Control & Contraceptive Options

-Cycle Education & Guidance

-Skills to Manage Menstruation

-Hormonal Balance Support

-HPV support


Abortion Consultation

-Pregnancy Release Options

-Body Soviergnty Support

-Abortion Doula Services


Herbal Consultation

- Herbal Medicine Wellness

- Personal Formulation

if you would like to book a consultation, or are curious - fill out the contact form below and you'll hear from me shortly. 


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I will contact you via email initially, to work out if I can be of service to you. *
Please tell me what kind of consultation communication you want to have or have access to.

It is important to me to be of service to my community.

If funds are an issue for you, I am open to a conversation about reciprocity or trade

please note that p l e a s e s e n d w o r d is also a small batch apothecary.

any herbal medicine available that is suggested for support is a cost separate from consultation.