herbal consultation


Herbal Consultation

Herbs can be a powerful ally.  Herbal medicine supports us by reminding the systems in our bodies of their innate power and intelligence and by encouraging and bolstering these functions. Herbs are often used to regain a sense of balance, not to mask symptoms.

I will listen to your concerns, your needs, your curiosities and your goals. 

I will view your experience and your body as a whole system, not a problem to be managed. I maintain that you are the expert on your own body, I am a guiding support role here to interpret the help of plant medicine. 

I may ask you many questions as a tool to connect as many dots as possible across different platforms of your life. 

I will make suggestions to support your goals.

I will formulate an herbal approach based on your individual needs. 



I value your autonomy. all consultation work is always confidential.


please note that p l e a s e s e n d w o r d is also a small batch apothecary.

any herbal medicine available that is suggested for support is a cost separate from consultation.