cycle consultation


cycle Consultation

Our cycle is our whole life. Not just the weeks we bleed. Building a more intimate relationship with our cycles and patterns can be beyond empowering. For some of us, this relationship may be strained, painful, overwhelming, scary or feel inaccessible. I am interested in opening up this dialogue; in a way that helps folks stand in their power and make informed decisions for themselves.

I will listen to your current needs and curiosities, your current story with your cycle, your menstruation, your hormonal fluctuations, your choices of and experiences with birth control or contraception.

I will guide you through all of the different options available to folks who bleed. I will answer questions you may have about how your cycle works, fertility awareness, managing pain, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, choosing a method of birth control, hormonal balancing & HPV support.

We can work together to find an approach or a solution that feels empowering for you. 

I value your autonomy. all consultation work is always confidential.



please note that p l e a s e s e n d w o r d is also a small batch apothecary.

any herbal medicine available that is suggested for support is a cost separate from consultation.