abortion consultation


Abortion Consultation

The conversation around and access to abortion are an integral piece of full reproductive justice. Abortion carries a heavy history and stigma. I work with folks on a community level to shift this paradigm and on a personal level to support folks in whatever decision they choose.

There are many different options for pregnancy release and abortion. These options change depending on where you live, your age & the date of your last missed period. I can help you track your cycle & understand the date of fertilization/length of pregnancy. I can help you understand all of the different approaches or options that may be available to you as well as the barriers to care you may encounter. I can answer questions you may have, offer you resources & help you navigate the medical system, if you choose that route.   I can help you support the process of your abortion by formulating supportive herbal medicines, by crafting a ritual of release with you & by creating a feeling of safety around your decision.

I am an abortion doula, I am here to offer guidance.  

Abortion may be a time of mourning for some and worthy of celebration for others. However you approach this conversation, is for you. My role is to show up for you with factual information, available resources and nonjudgemental aid.

Abortion is not shameful. Everyone deserves support. 

We will work together to meet your needs. 

I will listen to you, I can walk with you through your choice, your abortion and your postpartum recovery in a way that feels healthy and equitable to both of us. 

I value your autonomy. all consultation work is always confidential.


please note that p l e a s e s e n d w o r d is also a small batch apothecary.

any herbal medicine available that is suggested for support is a cost separate from consultation.